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Accounting software like QuickBooks helps businesses manage their accounts, pay their bills, and streamline transactions around the world hassle-free. The software, however, may experience glitches that prevent it from running smoothly, like any other program. Several variables contribute to QuickBooks Error 6143, but a suitable fix can be found. In this guide, we will try to uncover the cause of QuickBooks Error 6143 and provide you with workable solutions to resolve it.

Reason for “QuickBooks Error 6143”

1. Damaged or corrupted QuickBooks company file: If the QuickBooks company file is damaged or corrupted, it can result in Error 6143.

2. Incomplete Installation of QuickBooks: The error format can be caused by incorrect installation of the QuickBooks software or insufficient download.

3. Conflicting Third-Party Software: QuickBooks may be affected by other third-party application programs that are installed in your system. They may interfere with the program’s operations, resulting in Error 6143.

4. Incorrect Configuration Settings: While the QuickBooks configuration and system settings could be contributing factors to the error, this is not necessarily the case in every situation.

A Way How To Solve Quickbooks Error 6143

Solution 1: Download and Run the QuickBooks File Doctor

Intuit’s QuickBooks File Doctor is a dedicated application that allows QuickBooks users to overcome problems commonly found among file-related issues. Its main role is to identify and eliminate the problems in faulty company files. 

1. First, open the Intuit website to download QuickBooks File Doctor software. You can usually find such information in the support section or by using a simple search on the website.

2. After the download is finished, go to the location where it was downloaded and click twice on the File to initiate the installation process. Please do as asked to install QuickBooks File Doctor on your system per the screen instructions. Don’t hesitate to permit the app to access the necessary specifications when installed.

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3. A completed installation will prompt you to find and launch the QuickBooks File Doctor application on your computer. When you open this tool, you’ll see an interface screen that makes navigating through the troubleshooting process easy.

4. In QuickBooks File Doctor, follow the instructions to perform an analysis (scan) of your QuickBooks company file. The software will be able to detect issues with the File automatically and will fix them. Depending on the nature of your company file and the extent of the problems, this process could take a considerable amount of time to complete.

5. After the repair process, it is essential to confirm that QuickBooks Error 6143 has been successfully corrected. Start QuickBooks and try to access the company file earlier brought forth by the error. If the problem is not there, you may consider resolving it.

Solution 2: Change any spaces from the Company File Name to Underscores

Sometimes, QuickBooks Error 6143 arises because there are gaps in the company file’s name. 

1. Navigate to the directory where your QuickBooks company file is located. Often, QuickBooks automatically puts this File in the QuickBooks folder on your computer or your server.

2. Click the mouse right button on the company file and choose the “Rename” function from the context menu. This will let you change the file name.

3. Meticulously read the file name in search of any spaces within it. Remove any spaces and make the File name a combination of numbers and alphabets only.

4. Afterwards, you will need to remove all the spaces from the file name and save changes. For the most part, this is done by hitting the Enter key or clicking outside of the renaming field.

5. Open QuickBooks and choose File on the top menu. First, click on the “Open or Restore Company” button and then select the renamed company file. This will help the software better understand the new filename version and open the company file without being interrupted by Error 6143.

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Solution 3: Copy the Company File to the Workstation.

Sometimes, the only solution is to copy the server file to the workstation, accommodating QuickBooks Error 6143

1. Connect to the server where your QuickBooks company file is stored. This folder is often in a shared network directory accessible through the Internet by several individuals.

2. Press’ right-click’ on the company file and, from the revealed context menu, select the ‘Copy’ option. This will regenerate the File without moving it to another location.

3. Connect to the local workstation where Quickbooks is installed. You probably have either your personal computer or a workstation located in the office.

4. Right-click the directory on the workstation; a context menu will open. Select the ‘paste‘ option. In this way, the company file will be copied to the workstation from the server.

5. Power the QuickBooks application from the dock and move to the File menu. Pick the “Company Open or Restore” option and select the File that is stored on the workstation from its copied location. Error 6143 should now disappear from the QuickBooks toolbar once the company file is available to both programs.

Understanding the causes of the error and applying the proposed solutions from this paper will allow you to debug QuickBooks error 6143, and the accounting software will run unhampered. Several solutions will help you deal with Error 6143, including using QuickBooks File Doctor, eliminating spaces from the company file, and copying the company filing to the workstation. These solutions will get your finances back in control.

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