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For small businesses, QuickBooks is just like a helping hand that allows its users to spend their time on development. By using QB software we can manage financial services wonderfully and effectively. However, sometimes while using this software, we face technical glitches, like QuickBooks Error 6147. This error can be fixed by taking care of some points. You can fix this error code by yourself, by doing the steps described below.

Steps to resolve error code 6147 in QB:-

Update QuickBooks: Using the old version can cause trouble therefore ensure you have the latest updates for QuickBooks that you have installed. Sometimes, updating to versions of the software can fix the error code.

Run QuickBooks File Doctor: To resolve error code 6147, run the QuickBooks File Doctor provided by Intuit. You can download and run this tool from the Intuit website directly.

Check File Path: Error code 6147 can occur if the company file is located in a restricted folder, therefore keep the company file saved in a location where it’s easily accessible.

Rename.TLG and . ND Files: To fix this error, you can try renaming the.TLG (Transaction Log) and . ND (Network Data) files associated with your company file. These files are automatically recreated by QB when one opens the company file.

  • You need to navigate the folder that has your company file for easy access.
  • Now search the files which have the same name as the company file name but have extensions like TLG & .ND.
  • On each file right click and choose “Rename” and add “.old” at the end of the file name.
  • Now open the company file again.
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Copy File Locally: Once you have done the renaming, try copying the company file to the local hard drive. Now from the local company file try to access the file that can fix the error.

Restore a Backup: When you face an error at the time of opening the company file, restore the backup This trouble can be fixed by restoring the backup in a different location instead of the original company file.

Use Auto Data Recovery: If your QB file is damaged or corrupted, you can use auto data recovery data.  This step helps you to keep your data safe. Recreate Company File: When you find the above-described steps did not work, you will be required to recreate the company file. During this step, you will create a new company file and re-enter all the QB transactions. Before you the tart company file, recreate the company file.

Reasons for having QuickBooks Error 6147

When you know why any error occurs, there is a 50% chance that you can fix that problem or avoid the condition that causes the error. So, here you can find the reasons for QB error 6147.

Corrupted Company File: A damaged or corrupted company file can be the most prominent reason for error code 6147. So, when you will try to open the company file you will face trouble and a pop-up will be shown on the screen with error code 6147.

Incomplete Installation: If there are missing components or QB software is not installed properly, it can lead to various errors, including Error 6147. So, you should check the installation is done properly.

File Path Issues: When a company file is located in a restricted folder, has special characters, or exceeds the character limit, can cause QuickBooks error code 6147. So take care and avoid these mistakes to prevent file path issues.

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Network Issues: When you try to access QuickBooks but have network issues just as network congestion or interruptions it can cause errors like Error 6147. So make sure you have a proper network for work.

Incomplete Backup: When you are trying to have a backup or restore and the company file restore process is interrupted, this can be one reason for having error code 6147.

Data Corruption: Data corruption within the company file itself can trigger various errors, including Error 6147.

Damaged QuickBooks Installation: When your QB software is not compatible with other software and causes damaged installation on your computer. It can cause errors. Therefore you should use compatible software in a system.

User Permission Issues: When a QuickBooks user has insufficient permissions for the user account and tries to access the company file can be one reason for having this error.

Well, these reasons can be prevented by you if you want to resolve QuickBooks error code 6147. However, there is some chance that you are stuck with the error and not able to resolve it. In this condition, you should not worry. Because we are here for you, yes you can connect with our experts for troubleshooting.

Connect with Right Books for fixing error code 6147

Last but not the least! When you are tired of trying these all steps one by one and cannot fix the error, do not lose hope. You can connect with our expert who is available via Live chat, customer support number, or via email.

Just click on the live chat option and connect with the trained QuickBooks customer support professionals who will resolve all kinds of errors, issues, or bugs related to QuickBooks. We will allow you to make your QB software more efficient which will make your work easy and smooth.

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